Submix effect presets and audio volumes

Hi. Using 4.27
If I have a test level and make an audio volume, and insert one of the old types of reverb (non submix effect preset), I get reverb.
If i set a submix effect preset, either the new algo reverb, or convolution reverb, I get no reverb at all. Again, it works fine when using the old reverb.
How can I get it working with either algo or convolution?

You can use the submix sends to route to the relevant submix, an independent section from the reverb.

You’d need to do some debugging on your end before I could really give a helpful answer to that. Verifying whether you’re having issues with the reverb effects or with Submix Sends in Audio Volumes is a good place to start.

I.e., can you hear other types of Submix Effects when applied to your Audio Volume? If not, you might need to doublecheck how your Submix Sends are set up, it could very well be unrelated to reverb.

If you’re just having trouble with the reverb effects specifically and other Submix Effects are working fine, the first thing I’d do is look at the settings on your specific reverb Submix Effects. The default settings for algorithmic reverb are really soft, for example, messing with the Gain parameters can help.

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Sorry for the late reply. Back from vacation. Will look into it.