Submitting UE4 game to epic store

i dont know if this is the correct place to ask but if im a solo dev and i want to submit a game i made in Unreal Engine 4 to epic store how would i do that? This is my first time doing a game and i dont know anything on how this all works so i would be glad to know anything i dont know that i need to know.

Publish Apps, Games and Software on the Epic Games Store.

Looks like now is a good time with the new self-publishing closed beta.

You’ve made the game already?

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i went to the site but its asking for a company name and website if i dont have a company and its just me what do i do? do i have to make a company or do i just enter my name as the company?

Yes most of the game is 90% done just have to fix up some multiplayer bugs, create the main menu and the logo
i was thinking of adding micro transactions too idk if its possible on epic store