Submitting iOS application to AppStore


I am running the Editor on a mac.
As you all probably know, in order to submit your iOS app to the AppStore you need a mac and Xcode.

If I create a blueprint template from Unreal Engine, generating the Xcode project is easy:
Right click on .uproject -> services - > generate xcode project. From there it’s easy so submit to the AppStore.

When creating code templates things are a bit different:
The .xcodeproj is already generated, and it already has a “MyProject - iOS” target.
The problem is when archiving this iOS target, it generates a “Mac App Archive” and not a “iOS App Archive”.

The target and the settings in the target clearly state I am trying to build an iOS app, not a mac app. So can somebody please tell me what am I doing wrong ? Or please provide step by step instructions on how to get from code templates to iOS App Store.
I have tried packaging the project from the editor for iOS with shipping build configuration and “for distribution” checked. It generated a .ipa. But I cannot submit a .ipa to the store.

I have read this Getting Started: iOS Development References - Mobile - Epic Developer Community Forums and it didn’t help.

Thank you.

Just after I posted this, I discovered Application Loader.

I was convinced that the only way to submit applications to the App Store is by using Xcode.
Apparently not.
So we create the .ipas using the Editor (the package command), not Xcode and then we submit them to the App store using Application Loader.

More on Application Loader here App Store Connect - Help - Apple Developer

I have designed one iOS app but I am getting problem in submitting it to Appstore .Please help me out .Here is my app .

What exactly is the problem. Did you manage to create the .ipa ? The link you provided takes me to a website but I don’t see any Appstore problems there :). Just some apps that were probably not created with unreal engine.

Hey Mobile Touch - I’m curious about this error - Are you still seeing it? Can you take the BP app and run it on a device?