Submitting content that includes C++ classes

Hi, I apologise if this question has been answered before, but I could not find a conclusive answer. I’m working to submit a set of blueprints that use a couple of classes to provide custom nodes which simplify some mathematical calculations. Is this allowed or not?
The guidelines refer to code plugins, but I am not sure if including a few classes would qualify the submission as a plugin or not.

Thanks in advance!

I had the same issue with my Loading Screen System, which optionaly uses a custom code plugin to read the progress percentage of levels being loaded (which isn’t possible with BP alone). Marketplace Support told me that including a code plugin within a blueprint asset submission wasn’t possible at that time, with the reasons below:

I decided to distribute the plugin for free on and provide my customers with implementation instructions.
Though, in my case it was a single node and the system can function without it, not sure if that helps in your case.

If it is a clear dependency, a further solution would be to set your distribution method to “Project” rather than “Asset Pack” (the customer would see the “Create Project” option instead of “Add To Project”). Then you could set the dependency in the project file and submit your plugin separately.

A free plugin on the market would certainly provide you with tons of extra exposure, but keep in mind that it might get rejected if it doesn’t provide stand-alone functionality (i.e. if it contains just ‘helper’ functionality for your other products). This also according to support.