Submitting 3d animated assets

Hello i have general question in regards to submitting animated skeletal meshes, is it required to create blueprints and animation blueprints for skeletal meshes or is it enough to submit them in skeletal mesh file that has all animations attached to it? I dont find it reasonable to put blueprints since none of characters have any code applied thus calling of animations should be up to possible content user to define.

This is currently how i plan to submit(skeleton, animations and physix).

On a side note does anyone knows how to contact UE4 marketplace support team if there is one? Or perhaps nickname of some admin here i would have some legal/promotion questions to ask.


I think you should at least make a level with several meshes and each one with a different animation. This would be your overview map. Also a video showing from left to right (or vice-versa) each animation and put it along, so everyone can see before buying it.

I recommend also for you to do a quick search on the marketplace and see how other creators showoff their assets there, you would at least follow the majority in terms of quality or this will not attract audience you want and therefore “sales”