[submitted] Vegetation Variety Pack

We are a couple of people doing a hobby project for UE4 and had some vegetation left that we did not use eventually.
So we decided to give it a go and to submit it the marketplace.

From the submission (today):

  • 32 assets
  • grass, plants, trees, bench, rock, wall
  • 3 asset sizes: High, Medium, Low
    (max texture size 2048x2048)
  • streaming ready texture sizes
  • Level of Details (LOD) set up
  • collisions set up
  • wind animation for grass and plants set up
  • 1 selection map for LOD tuning and asset selection
  • 2 demo maps (1 with foliage tool set up)
  • created in UE 7.4.4
  • (edit: separate OBJ and FBX are all included for later customisation)

Price: $19.99


This looks great, cant view the images properly though :frowning:

Whats the average tris count?

Do a right click on the image - view graphic (dont know the exact english expression) :slight_smile: -> or click on the links that he added

@ PolyPlant: Looks good, but I personally would decrease the specular effect a little bit

the specular effect is only in this particular scene. Parameter for specularity etc. are hooked up.

poly count is left rather high (>10000 triangles) because it was the strategy in our development to have high quality and only decrease poly count on demand.
OBJ and FBX are all included so that everybody can strip polygons on demand.