[SUBMITTED] Survival Prop Pack

[COLOR=#FF0000]***Making any type of survival game? ***
These 40 props can help you fill your world!

A complete starter kit to create your own survival type game for any genre.***​



The Survival Prop Pack contains 40 props that can be used to start any type of survival game. You may see many of these types of props in zombie, survival horror, FPS horror and other similar modern themes games. Mix and match these props to create a post-apocalyptic story in your game.

Props include a wide variety of categories such as food rations, survival gear, crafting items, and melee/harvesting tools. Some of the assets contain multiple states like an open and closed tent. All survival props are high quality to work with desktop games.


  • **40 props starter kit - **perfect for any type of survival game
  • High quality with full LODs **(level of detail): **assets are AAA quality and have complete LODs for a streamlined game
  • Multiple categories to cover all types of survival needs: groups such as Gear, Melee/Harvesting, Food Rations, & Crafting
  • Using latest Unreal Engine 4: utilizing shaders/materials and technology from Unreal Engine 4


**Video Showcase

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**In-editor Screenshots:



Can you see these survival props in your own game?

**Why the price?
********We determined the price based on the amount of hours put into this product and its quality. **********We spent over 4 weeks creating the survival props. If you were to hire a junior artist at **$20/hr for 20 days of work. ************This will **************equal to $3200 of work to create this product! Could you get an artist to complete this amount of work in one day? We save you the headache and risk!

$3200 Value for only $45!

**Our Support:
********************Full Documentation here: Survival Prop Pack Documentation

**If you have any questions or concerns. Please email us at [EMAIL=“”] instead of posting in these forums, it’s easier to get your issues resolved. We will answer within 24 hours.

**********************We constantly update our products and bug fix.**]([B) **[](


That is a pretty horrible comparison. $45 is a very good deal for the assets in this pack :slight_smile: And tbh $3200 is a pretty fair estimate as to how much I’d expect to pay if I hired an artist to make these assets, and chances are I would not get something at this quality for that price either.

Well my answer was about what you can get with $3200. With $45 this is a quite good deal if you need these kind of props. But I don’t understand why they mention “$3200 value for only $45”? Sounds more like tv-shop. Maybe BMW should sell their cars like “our factories, designing, product development and raw materials have cost us $100 000 000. Now you can get our car in less than $30 000.”

Hi HausEstate,

I understand where you’re coming from and wanted to further elaborate our intentions.

With this art, you can go and find an artist for $20 an hour, and get them to make something exactly how you want. But to make just 1 of these props, our artists spent an average of 1.5 days on each one. So if you want just 1 prop, to hire an artist would cost you roughly $160 per day, and the added headache of finding that guy, hiring him, and hoping he hits the quality you need. We were just trying to shed some light by saying that to hire an artist to make these 40 props, would take at least 20 working days.

As far as how we came to the $3200 value, it was using the math of hiring an artist at $160/day x 20 days = $3200.

While we understand if a customer isn’t looking for these types of props, there’s really no value and they could just spend $3200 somewhere else for what they want. We hope developers that are looking for these types of props can see that $45 from $3200 of an artists’ time is a great deal for the package.

Thanks for helping to clear things up! Love your art and have been following you for awhile on youtube :slight_smile:

Another asset we just got into Sketchfab!


A few more assets from Sketchfab:



Great News! Survival Props has been released on the Unreal Marketplace.

Click the link below to check it out :smiley: