[Submitted] Stylized Living Room Furniture

I currently have a prop pack submitted to the Marketplace. It’s up on the voting site right now, but I wanted to updated some screenshots to show some additions/changes. The coffee table in the original pics showed a material using all stock textures from ue4. Here is the current incarnation using a custom texture on the top:


I’ve added a patterned fabric texture that can be used instead of the clean fabric texture on the couches:


The shot also shows the “dirt” texture that can be dialed in and out using a parameter. You can change the color, so in this case it’s supposed to look like blood. Want more blood? Increase the value in the parameter. :slight_smile: Want mold instead? Change the color of the “dirt” to green. I’m including a few different alpha textures for the “dirt” for a different look.

The final show shows an old, degraded leather material for the couches:


I apologize for the horrendous purple color I used on the sofa chair in one of the original shots! It was just to show that you can choose any color you want for the fabric color, using a material parameter. The back cushions, bottom cushions, body, and feet of the couches have separate masks in the material, so you can use different textures on them if you so choose (ex. clean fabric on back cushions, patterned on bottom).

One last pic showing the instanced leather materials on the couches. On the left is a new leather mat, and the couch in the middle has a severely worn leather mat.

The pack is still on the Trello site for voting, though not doing all that great. If it by some miracle makes it, I was planning on offering it really cheap (which was my original plan anyways).


Some shots from a quick demo level I whipped up.

These assets would be good for procedurally generated apartment buildings. I kind of like how they look from an overhead view, actually :confused: