[SUBMITTED] New Jungle from DOKYO

Hey Everyone!
First off I would like to thank those who purchased my low poly jungle pack, It helped me to move on to more adventurous packs and inspired me to create this new jungle pack.
So I took a plane to Costa Rica, and 10,000 photos later, countless ant bites and 1 killer ear infection later I returned to England to start on a mixture of photo scanning and modelling to create this new pack. Its taken me the last few months to make, as I’m just one guy so i hope you like it.
All textures are 4k and are PBR including albedo, roughness, normals and AO.
4 sets of lods, with the 4th being a billboard, and collision.
More species will gradually be added to this pack over the coming months as I go through all the photos.


P.s Apologies if the video quality isn’t up to scratch, i’m not sure whats going on with the compression


Looking way too good. :smiley: I have to get these, even not currently working on jungle map. The old Vietcong game with these graphics would be something.

Cheers SaOK. Yes I’d love a new vietcong game. some of the traps were brutal in that game

very good work ! congratulation

very interesting to me, too.
are they working with the ue4 windsystem ? or is wind apllied by materials ?

I’ve been to Guatemala so I absolutely know what you went through :frowning:

Your new jungle pack is looking great!

I have waited for the Predator…but no… :wink:
Anyway, this looks great, nice work!

the wind is applied to the materials. do you have a link for the windsystem? maybe I could implement it

Looks great! Definitely feeling the Predator vibes

here’s a closer look at one of the trees.

Wide Palm Tree by Dokyo on Sketchfab

sorry not sure how it works, speedtree models affect on the windsystem in ue4, so you can vary the situation like yo want. its very cool.
maybe someone else can explain it.
you can work with local wind forces only to affect some plants and move it around whats pretty cool.
if the wind is done by the material its not possible to achieve this i guess…

Another of the palm trees
Small Palm Tree by Dokyo on Sketchfab

What’s your ETA on marketplace? Are you selling on other platforms as well? Do you have a price point yet?

I’m not sure of the eta for marketplace, I havnt submitted anything for a few months so not sure if the process has been streamlined at all or if it still takes a month or longer to get packs on the marketplace. I will be putting it up on sellfy this week. It will be around 79.99 and around 69.99 on sellfy. also just added 3 more bamboo trees.

Hi! So testing is under way at epic so i should hear back next week on a release date!
It is now available on sellfy and gumroad,
Have a good weekend all!

Pretty sure I’ll buy this pack. Do you prefer one sales portal over the other (sellfy vs. gumroad)? Also, does the scene you show in the youtube video come with the pack? If it does, you should list it as an asset. If it doesn’t, you should include it and list it as an asset.

Oh one last question - if we buy on sellfy or gumroad and you later add a new bush to the pack, how would those purchasers get the update? Debating whether or not to wait until it hits marketplace, though that will probably take about 1 month if they’re currently testing it (assuming you have payment and legal stuff set up properly and they approve the submission).

Great news :slight_smile: I just bought the animal pack yesterday which is very nice. As small consern, is there some terms available in sellfy to make sure the rights are bhought for lifetime use in games (similar when getting assets from ue4 marketplace)?Anyway have to get this jungle pack sooner or later.

Hi Zooch, I dont have a preference for sellfy or gumroad they both seem the same to me. Yes the demo scene is included in the pack. The sellfy and gumroad packs will be updated the same as the marketplace one, they will all have the same content and they will also have new trees etc added to them, if anything they will actually get updated before the marketplace pack as I do it myself.
As I will just update the zip file you just log in and re-download the pack on gumroad or sellfy to get the latest one.

SaOK, thankyou for purchasing my animal pack! The license will be the same as the epic one. Life time use in games etc. I dont mind what people do with my packs as long as their not reselling the assets.

Looks amazing, great work! :slight_smile:

Thanks MDidehvar
Pack has just been approved! hopefully I will have a release date next week