[Submitted] Generator Power System

Thought this would be best place to post this so here it is.

The Generator Power System allows users to to add a power source to there game with ease. Use this system to power lights, traps, elevators and more can by created with great ease. Take a basic AI and have them spawn traps on you or just use for targets. This pack is 100% Blueprints, Fully commented code and All Variables are tool tipped for even greater ease of use. With in minutes have this pack in your project ready to use with this quick tutorial.


  • Add in generators for power source to your games
  • Easily Add in different actors of your own as lights, traps and more.
  • Allows for a Basic AI to spawn traps or just be target practice.
  • Damage Event that can be called from any existing blueprints.
  • Add new “engines” to generator to increase or decrease max allowed

Number of Blueprints:

  • 4 Main blueprints
  • 2 blueprint Interfaces
  • 4 Widgets
  • 5 Mesh actors included (3 traps, 1 light actor and 1 generator actor)


Just edited original post to say this project is submitted.
Any questions please ask.