[SUBMITTED] C-Media POM Decals Edition 1

I have just submitted Edition 1 of my POM Decals pack which contains 20 Parallax Occlusion Mapped decals.






Extremely HQ as usual!

Looks really nice :slight_smile: fantastic work! Did you made them with photogrammetry?

Nice! What gonna be the price please?


I created this pack using photscanning (just one image for each asset) not photogrammetry and the price point will be $19.99 like all my other material packs.

These look great! How do you use them though? If you placed the “damage” decals on a flat surface, would they appear to recess back into the surface?

They’re Parallax Occlusion Mapped so they can sit on a flat surface and you an either enable or disable Pixel Depth Offset which will will allow them to be occluded by any surface they’re depth passed through or not depending on how you want to use them.

Great news, this pack has been accepted and is scheduled to launch on March 23rd!