[Submitted] C-Media Advanced Material Pack Edition 3


I have just submitted Edition 3 of my Advance Material Pack which includes the following Instanced and fully controllable Materials:

  • EyeBall
  • Video Screen (TV/Monitor)
  • Video Screen (Holographic)
  • Emissive Typable Text
  • Advanced Foliage
  • Refractive Glass
  • Displaced Water Spout
  • Displaced Blob

Here is a video walk-through of the Materials and their capabilities as well as some images of the Materials.


Hi. Watched video. I was wondering could your water material be used to create a waterfall effect, say on a large curved mesh? If this were possible how resource intensive would this be (my game is otherwise mostly rolling hills/countryside surroundings).

Yes, a waterfall is actually what i originally created that material for. It can be used one any mesh size and shape mesh.

As for performance cost - It has a Tessellation LOD control within the material so the Tessellation density will fade out based on the distance you set and it works with the LOD of the actual mesh you use so if you set it up correctly it shouldn’t have much of an impact on resources.

Smashing, thanks.

Sorry - another question - can the glass material be used to actually create a genuine magnification effect within a game environment? For example could I use it to match the real-world physical dimensions of a gunsight lens and it would just work properly?



I don’t see why that wouldn’t work if the mesh and normalmap were setup correctly.

That is an awesome pack, I will definitely be getting this :slight_smile:

for a suggestion for your next pack, a realistic skin material, with similar preferences as the eye material

I actually already have a fully instanced Skin material in Edition 2 of my Advanced Material Pack, you might want to check it out -

Great news! 4.8 supports Screen Space Reflections on Translucent Materials so i have incorporated this into this pack for the Glass, Water Fountain and Holographic Video Screen Materials so they now look even better.

I just received word that the pack has been accepted for the marketplace!

Once it’s live i will post the direct link here for those who are interested.

The pack is now live on the marketplace and can be found here -

Does the video material work with any kind of video, does it support audio?

I believe that UE4 only supports MP4 in-engine but i’m not sure - You should be able to use any resolution video though.

As for audio you would need to setup a separate audio actor and sync it with the play of the video file, you could easily do this via BluPrints.

Hi. I just purchased Edition 3. My main interest is in the video screens (opaque and holographic). I need a hand getting started. Do I only need to insert a video into the movie player component in your blueprint to get it to work? It’s sort of confusing because after studying your blueprint, I can’t see how you reference the default video for your demo. Do you have any tutorials other than the overview video on youtube? I’d greatly appreciate any and all assistance getting started with this. Thanks


Epic chaged the way media files are played since i released this pack so you would have to setup the media framework blueprint, it’s very simple, here is a link to the documentation from Epic on doing so.

Thank you, sir. That’s exactly the kind of info I was looking for. Cheers.