[SUBMITTED] Ancient Cistern

I have just finished and submitted my Ancient Cistern environment to the marketplace.

I designed this environment to test out a new method of creating high detail with low performance overhead using advanced tessellated displacement LOD techniques and minimal assets.

A Cistern is a water storage structure that was used in ancient Rome and toward the end of the Roman empire they started using parts from statures and ornate structures to build and structurally reinforce these cisterns.

The environment runs at 90FPS + on my machine at 1080P and max settings and also runs at 90FPS constant in VR - My machine is running a Core i7 980 with 24GB ram and a MSI 980 TI on Windows 7 Pro 64 bit.


Here is a quick first person walk through of the environment.

Hey! That looks cool :wink:
How many props?

Hey, sorry, i JUST saw you post!

There are a total of 41 meshes that make up the scene.

The Ancient Cistern is now available on the Marketplace!

You can find it here -

Really nice work CharlestonS. Going to use it in a project :slight_smile:

Thanks Charleston for the Cyber Monday deal, helped me a lot. And maybe you are not aware but the pack was kind of featured in August

Awesome, glad you like it!

I wasn’t aware of him using the pack but i’m glad people are finding it useful!