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Hi people,

I’m trying to submit Mac App to the AppStore. An app is created with Unreal Engine. Of course, I spent some time reading every guide that I found on the web. I made all kinds of certificates, Identifiers&Profiles. Everything is correct and showing up where it must be. I’m running Unreal Engine 4.26.1 (already tried 4.26.2) on Mac. I’m generating an X-code project. Inside X-code, I edit info and adding profiles, then after I click “ARCHIVE”, I’m getting a signing error. Already tried both manual and automatically manage signing and many, many more solutions from the web. And I’m always getting the same error: Command /usr/bin/codesign failed with exit code 1.

Please, have a look at the attached screenshots. Any thoughts? I’m trying to add an app to AppStore because if I’m trying to spread it by myself, people get these “undefined developer” warnings and frustrating issues.

Any help is much appreciated!
Thank you so much, people!

Hi, guys!

I have again created a topic here and at the Apple developers forum, as this question needs answers from both sides. It lays down on the edge of these technologies (Unreal Engine and Xcode developing).

From the Apple developers forum, I have already got the following answer (see screenshot).

But, I am still waiting for your response. To make it easier, I have decided to ask a preliminary question. If I get a positive reply, it makes sense to get back to the initial question.

So, the question is:
Unreal engine developers team, could you please tell me if it is actually possible to sign the Unreal Engine Mac Application and make it available on the AppStore?

Thank you!

They not gonna answer. Part of their job is to ignore iOS related stuff (orders from Tim’s office).

I’m stuck in the same stage. The .app runs great but can’t get it codeSign and uploaded to the App Store. Very frustrating. Gonna try what the Apple team suggested, see if that works

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Hey, thanks for an answer, did you find a solution? Can you please share this “Apple Team Suggestion”.

I`m not from the UE developer team but I positive you can sigh your application and make it available to the apple store without any trouble. Make sure you have all your Distribution Certificates up to date and you should not have any issue.

By the way, the application is signed by Unreal Editor ,not by Xcode. In project setting make sure both the certificated and Profile match and are green.