Submit IOS Build From Windows

I’m trying to submit an IOS build from a Windows via iTunesConnect, but it says to use XCode or Application Loader which are only available on Mac. I also read that Blueprint only projects can only be built on Windows.
Do you really need both a PC and Mac, or is there another way?

You can do all of your development/testing from Windows, but you do need a Mac to upload it to the store because that is all that Apple makes their tools to work on.

Do you have a friend or something with a Mac?

Thanks Josh, will ask my friends nicely or I just found which looks like it might also get the job done. Thanks for the quick answer.

If you’ve designed an App using PhoneGap or any other app builder, and need to upload it to the Apple iOS App Store, then you need a Mac to use the Application Loader.

If you don’t have a Mac, You can use the Appuploader tool, he can help you create iOS certificates and upload IPA to App Store in Windows PC.

Have a look at their website

Free trial

I’ve had no problems with them in the past, and my apps have been successfully upload :).

Thanks Newest, good to know