Submission stalling without response


I hate to create a new thread for this, but to be honest, we are getting seriously worried about our Marketplace submission since our 2 emails and a PM to Reubitron haven’t been answered for quite a while.

We’ve created a Marketplace submission (Dialogue Plugin: ref. 104928 or 36039) and soon received an email from the staff asking for the plugin files and documentation. We sent everything on April 3, and haven’t heard from you guys since. After two weeks we’ve also sent an email to and never heard from them either. Then we sent a PM to Reubitron a week ago and never got a response.

I’m sure you guys are very busy, especially with 4.11 coming out recently, but we’re really excited about our product and hope there is a way to go forward with it somehow.

Hi CodeSpartan,

Very sorry to keep you waiting. I have reached out to our team that is working with plugins at this time and Jake has reach back to you on a few things that need to be corrected before moving forward. Once you are able to reach back to Jake through your submission form, we can get the ball rolling for ya.