Submission of a package with a name over 20 character

Hello. I’m in the process to submit a package to the UE4 Marketplace.
The problem is the following: when I open the project the editor says that the project name must not be longer than 20 characters.
Moreover, into the guidelines I see this: the .uproject file (which in my case is 24 long) must have the same name as the main folder and the top level folder under content.
The question is the following: can I submit a content just shortening the name of the .uproject file?
I have a lot of contents in my vault which have a title over 20 characters, so I suppose it’s possible.
Could somebody confirm this, please?
Thanks in advance!

I am curious about this too. I’ve bought several assets that have over 20 characters. I’m not sure it really causes a problem or if it’s just a nag message to keep it under 20. I’d assume a name with 50 characters might be an issue, but is a file name with 24 or 25 characters really a problem? Anyone know?


Rename the project file, example in red below with 27 characters