Submission confusion


I’m preparing a package for submission though reading up the guidelines I have a question.

I have such a level included already and have taken many screenshots for submission and other purposes.

I do not understand the purpose of having an Overview Map here. Given it’s a requirement, my content are foliage, already placed with spaces between them in the Demo Level, and screens taken + On the other end of the map I have densely painted the same assets for more screens.

More confused about “An overview map is a screenshot of all the contents”. Do I have to create such a level only for taking screens for Epic and remove the level then or it has to be included along with the Demo level?

You can include the Overview Map level if you like, but the screenshots taken from it are mandatory. This is the reason for an overview map from the Submission Guidelines:

The main differences between an overview map and a demo level are 1) a demo level shows all of the assets assembled and staged to create a visually pleasing scene, but an overview map shows all the individual modular pieces broken apart. This shows potential buyers the different ways the objects in your scene can be assembled from its individual parts, and that’s really helpful when deciding whether or not to purchase something. The second main difference is 2) you can view screenshots of an overview map without purchasing the content, but you can’t view a demo level without purchasing the content.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

It’s definitely helpful for us, but the main reason is that it helps potential buyers make an informed decision. Whenever we ask for screenshots, demo levels, or anything special in a submission, we are very careful to make sure they can use all of it to help advertise, present, or sell their content. We don’t ask for throwaway work. :slight_smile:

Thank you both for the explanation.
Since I had already a place in the Demo level where I placed all the pieces one by one and took screen, when I saw the purpose of the overview map being the same I was a little confused why there should be two maps. But I see now. Not everyone takes screen from the pieces placed like that in the Demo level so you made the Overview level a requirement with specific lighting setup.

Thanks again for your time.

@franktech, We went through a lot of changes and up and downs for that content pack. The good news is the long wait is over and it’s coming soon enough as CheapModeler has started to update the thread again.

Aha, that makes sense. And sure, I’m happy to help! If you have any other questions, let me know.