SubLevels Hierarchy


I have a problem that seems easy to solve, but I can’t find a way :

when I play the Level TheSmallIsland in the editor, I have dinosaurs on the map and can interact with them.
But when I play the Level TheIsland (in the editor), there is no dinosaurs.

I tried to play with sublevels visibility, but I don’t understand why :

  • Certain sublevels are default loaded when opening the map,
  • Certain (other) sublevels are default loaded when playing the map.

Where can I configure this ?

I didn’t find information in the Unreal documentation, I tried the World Composer, but no luck with it.

OK, some answers :slight_smile:
I found some documentation here : Level Design - ARK Dev Kit Documentation

It is said on the documentation “Placing the level in the Uncategorized layer, which will cause it to be automatically loaded.”. The layer “PersistantGameplaySublevel_DinoSpawns” is already in the layer “Uncategorized”. I observe the layer is well loaded when I press play, but : no dinos !

Isn’t this layer that is supposed to spawn dinos on the map ? I think I’m missing something …