SubLeveling properly to avoid bottlenecking on a large team

I am apart of a game team of 50 students, all departments from art to engineers to sfx to animations, are working on this unreal project through Perforce/

For anyone who has use perforce with unreal, you are aware that you need to check items out.

My concern is that we are entering crunch and if we are waiting for individual teams to check levels out to do work that another team need, someone will always be waiting due to checking out, so to avoid that i have created this subleveling system for it but in unreal there are no grandchildren for levels? idk how to get it to work if i can.

What I would like to do is this:

(In the level window)

MainLevel(Presistant Level)
-> Part A
-> Trees of A

     -> sounds of A

     -> Lights of A

 -> Part B
     -> Trees of b

     -> sounds of b

     -> Lights of b
 -> Part C
     -> Trees of c

     -> sounds of c

     -> Lights of c

To my understanding, the main level will not be able to see or call the trees, sounds,and lighting.

My goal is to split my level up into different sections and then have those sections contain their own lighting, assets, and sounds but it’s not being called from the main overall level.

So my question is , is it even possible to do that?if so then how may I ?

If not, then what’s the best way to do that, subleveling the game?