SubLevel items always on a other position


i’ve got an issue with the sublevels.
Alwys when i load in the map in the dev kit all items(Trees, Lakes, Waterfalls and Rocks) are on a different position as i placed them.
My question is, why?

When i place them in the correct position again were are they before, after a new load of the map(1 day later) everything is again on a different position.

I hope some one can tell me why.

Thanks and Best

I took a screenshot, to show the issue.

Assuming you have World Composition enabled, disable World Origin Rebasing… and there’s one other setting that needs to be disabled, but I cannot remember what it was, it’s in the same area as that setting if I’m not entirely mistaken.


Is it World Bounds Checks?

did someone found the answer to this??
I have the same problem