Sublevel is black

Hi Everyone,

I can’t seem to find a post about this.

When I “move selected actors to level”, the static meshes move over - I build the light - but the scene still remains black and I cannot work on it until I go back to the Persistent Level and edit the meshes there.

I have cycled through all the modes as well from lit, unlit, brush wireframe, etc but the screen stays black.

If import a mesh directly to the sublevel it is visible.

Anyone have any ideas?

It on “always loaded”, the static meshes are also showing the the “world outliner”, the light is being baked and shows on the Persistent level but the sublevel is black

Is your sublevel loaded? by default it’s blueprint mode not always loaded

Check if your light objects are in the level where you build the light. Also, you must set streaming levels to “Always Loaded” if you are not loading them into BP, otherwise they will not be displayed.