Subimage Index

hi can any1 pls tell me how can i know how much points i need to have and how much In Val amount for each point for the SubUV image to work in particle? TY

In Val: 0 = When particle born
In Val: 0.5 = Half way to death :slight_smile:
In Val: 1 = When particle dies

So for example I have grid 4x4(Which means I have 16 pictures) and I want to play this “animation” throughout particle life. I just create 2 points:

  1. [In Val: 0] **[Out Val: 0.0] **At the start particle will have first image
  2. [In Val: 1] [Out Val: 16.0] At the end particle will have last image

Hope that helps!

So ur saying a 0 it will only play 1 image and at 1 all till 16?

Oh, sorry!
I forgot to mention that you choose in Required -> SubUV -> Interpolation Method how exactly images are changing.
For example with Linear blend it will interpolate from 1 image to 16 image (1, 2, 3, 4 and so on) throughout particle lifetime, but Random blend will choose random images(1,6,2,4,8 and so on) instead of linear animation

ty for helping