Subdivision models

So I am seeing whispers and old threads on catmull clark subdivision being added to unreal. I’m working on a short film and I 'm coming from rendering everything offline with redshift/maya. So I am used to having models subdivided by the render engine. Currently all assets were built for sub-d. Does anyone know if there is a subdivision in Unreal, or even a technique to get a higher poly model. I was thinking about using LODs, is this an appropriate method? Below is my first short film for those interested.

-James Guard

if they’re far away enough, you can leave it not subd
and if you need it sub-D and it’s close up you can try using alembic cache maybe?

otherwise just start with high res meshes and let the engine create LODs, you can get away with a lot of polys with the engine especially if you use lots of instancing. I’ve got it in the millions with not much trouble, but depends on your hardware

Yeah I will have to do some kind of mix between alembic and normal model. Thanks!