Sub-Surface Scattering

Hello guys.

I want to add some Sub-Surface Scattering to my trees, but somehow I cant find the “TransmissionMask” in the material editor. Is there a way how I can create this effect without the TransmissionMask or is it just hidden somewhere ^^?

Hey Philipp,

Masks are mostly done now with multiply. You can see it here:

Using Masks

and here is some documentation on subsurface scattering that may help:

Subsurface Scattering

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Thanks, I haven’t saw this documentation. Now everything is clear ^^

Seems I have access denied when trying to view that Subsurface Scattering documentation. Is it just me?

Yep, I also have this problem, but this is happening with some other tabs too → the solution is to use the “long” way, so you shouldn’t click onto the link above, instead you have to go to just type in material examples into the search bar. Now it should work

Hi Zach

That page has since been moved. You can find it here and more information can be found here. I hope that this helps!



I think what you can do is to Lerp the diffuse color and the subsurface color you want to use with your mask and attach it to the Subsurface Color.

Thank you for your answer, I will try it out tomorrow