Sub Anim Instance - Target Class as Pin

Hello all! I would really appreciate it if you could add the ability to expose the Sub Anim Instance node’s “Instance Class” variable as a pin! Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hi ,

Unfortunately that’s not really possible given how subinstances work. There’s a lot of work done at compile time that creates all of the backend for the properties that are exposed on the target class - and this can’t realistically be done on the fly at runtime. The pins for variables that you hook up to set variables on a subinstance are created and compiled based on the target class selection so it’s pretty much locked from the compilation of the anim blueprint.

You may be able to get the effect you’re looking for by putting multiple subinstance nodes behind a blend-by-enum node and blending bewteen them. This allows you to select your pose and have everything available at compile time for us to build the property mappings.