Sub Anim Instance / Sub-graph input

The Sub Anim Instance page describes the Sub Anim Instance and Sub-Graph Input nodes.

In UE 4.24 (perhaps earlier), these nodes are nowhere to be found, leading to extreme confusion and frustration even for experienced users. There is no documentation on the page, nor any obvious documentation anywhere, saying that these nodes have been removed and that this documentation is invalid in the latest engine versions.

It seems that perhaps Sub-Graph Input has been replaced by Input Pose, and Sub Anim Instance has been replaced by Linked Anim Graph, but this is just a guess because a) the newer nodes are marked as “Experimental” in the documentation and therefore not suitable replacements, and b) again, there is no documentation saying that these nodes have been replaced.

Hey DsyD! I’m sorry this is giving you some trouble. I’ve passed along your recommendation to build-out more documentation for these topics. I’ve also reached out to some people who might be able to clear this up. Hang in there and once I get more information I’ll post an update.

Thanks, @echo_four.

Hello @echo_four, is there any updates on these documentation changes? Sub-Anim Instances are still listed in documentation/how-tos despite being unavailable in 4.26.