Stylized Viking Town Pack


Greetings everyone.

My name is Nicholas and I represent a company called Tiny Talisman Games. We’ve been working hard on our Stylized Viking Town Pack and it is finally here on the unreal engine marketplace. We have designed it in a unique style that we intend to use across all of our packs. The Stylized Viking Town pack is designed in such a way that anyone can pick it up and make entire towns and even cities extremely fast. All of our assets have been optimized to the fullest and even a large city can run very well on a low spec computer or a console even.

Here is a link to our store page for it -

Any questions, feedback, comments or anything else, please feel free to write to us in this post or on our discord server -

Here is a video of our pack - Stylized Viking Town Pack - UE4 - YouTube

Also here is some pictures for you.