Stylized VFX Collection : Fire

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The first pack in the Stylized VFX Collection focuses on the element of Fire. The pack contains 18 varied realtime fire visual effects, from candle flames and campfires to fireballs and fire jets.

These VFX packs are designed to add value to the PBR Handpainted Environment series packs but can be used as stand-alone packs as well.


  • 3 Fire Effects
  • 3 Smoke Effects
  • Fireball Projectile and Charge
  • Fire Ray Projectile and Charge
  • Fire Jet
  • 2 Explosions
  • 2 Firewalls
  • 3 Animated Material effects ( candle flame, candle smoke, torch smoke)
  • 3 Meshes ( Candle, Torch, Campfire)