Stylized Valley Windmill Scene


Was wondering if anyone had some feedback on general composition etc of this

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This looks beautiful to be honest.

I think @DonaldEdwardsDev said it best; this Stylized Valley Windmill scene generally looks fantastic! Is this a scene from a game you’re working on, or is it a project you decided to tackle in your free time? Either way, thank you for sharing your wonderful creation here in the UE forums!

Hi @Orkney !

I have been coming back periodically to see if you have anything to share with us on your Stylized Valley Windmill scene. I hope you’ve had a great holiday! :partying_face:

Have you decided to go forth with this project? The scene looks beautiful and serene, yet mystical. What is developing in the background? Is it helpful or ominous?


I didnt spend too much time on it as I was away most of the christmas, i did start blocking the windmill out a bit more…

Also here are some WIPs before I got to this


These screenshots are all amazing! The lighting and shader details are chefs kiss :man_cook: Are these creations of yours a homage to “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” video game?

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Loving the vibe you got there!

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