Stylized Substances - need advices


i tried to submit a substance recently which got rejected. The mail i received wasn’t very helpful and mostly discouraging so i’m not sure if there is hope to improve. I was mostly trying to see how a submission would go before i try to send some more assets and considering other packs i saw i though this could have a place in the store.

Here is what i tried to submit:



This screen is not in unreal but its the same substance just to show some other variations:

I have some other that i would like to eventually submit later:

I was thinking about packing multiple of them but i’m not sure if this is the problem or just that it’s not good enough overall for Epic.

If i compare to something like this pack:

I though i would be in this same kind of category while still being different with the addition of this being a substance and the advantages that goes with it.

Please let me know what you think and tips on how i could get accepted in the store!

Email them back and ask for more information. It’s annoying, and they should just provide it in the firs tplace, but supposedly if you do that they will, eventually, give you some helpful feedback -.-

My only suggestion would be a more obvious use of PBR (if you are even using it at all) since it is a strict requirement for the marketplace for all assets to be using PBR properly. Also I dont believe you can have a submission that requires a plugin or third party content, so in this case you are relying on the substance plugin (Im not sure if you are, but it seems like it might be. The other issue might just be overall quality and quantity, perhaps the pack is lacking quantity, since its only providing 9 textures that arent thematic aside from being stylized.

Yeah might need to try to contact them :confused:

What i read is that i could use a plugin if it’s freely available. The substance plugin is the only way to use substances in Unreal, i see there is other substances package on the store so that should be fine. Also i’m only showing some example from the substance i’m selling but you can do many many more variation of the texture with it.

Here is a screen of this substance options:


Other than that it’s using PBR, values may not be realistic due to stylized choices and i put a few roughness option up to the user inside the substance settings.

You might be right that there is not enough in quantity and i could pack a few other substances, if it’s a problem of quality then i will have to see how my future substances look…

Im thinking your best bet would then to create a video showing off the customization with the substance plugin, that way it is clear to both Epic and Customers that you can directly edit the textures and get near infinite variations of them. Make the video, send Epic an email asking them to clarify reasons for rejection (they usually send you a PDF of what you need to fix at that point) and then resubmit.