Stylized rendering of hair brushwork


I wonder if many developers or artists would be interested in stylistic rendering of hair-brush. The rendering effects mainly focus on ink-wash painting style (Shui-mo or Sumi-e). I have the confidence to say the result is quite appealing, but I’m not sure if many people would like such a strongly eastern style.

This work is based on my research work published in SIGGRAPH Asia 2012 technical briefs:…TOKEN=41851266. Then, many improvements and new techniques have been deployed. So far, the technique can reach the result as the following image (rendered by our DirectX 11 demo program):

The performance cost is cheaper than the photo-realistic rendering mostly used in the current games. Moreover, the art requirement is totally same as the photo-realistic rendering (like PBR), and no extra art efforts are needed. Thus, this rendering style can be an optional rendering mode compatible with the standard rendering.

Simple video clip:

Cool Effect! Do you have any videos of how it looks in motion?

Glad to see such NPR work. You are an artist!

I just recorded a simple one, as embedded at #1. The original link of YouTube is, max 1080p.

Any idea on how close you are to getting this out? Looks fantastic!

Do you have a tutorial to share