Stylized Multiplayer Mech Shooter looking for Developers


Welcome to the animalymic robot (war) games.
Animals have evolutionary advanced and live more or less civilized. But once every 4 years the best scientists and fighters meet in the arena to demonstrate their power and live out their animalic side.

About the Game

“ShockOut” is an mech shooter, where you control a crazy animal with a deadly mech. Your goal is to hunt down all enemy players in a deadly arena environment. We are trying to remix
the humour of IceAge/Conker(Bad Fur Day) with the deadly Arena atmosphere of BattleBots/RoboWars and putting the fun weapon-systems of Ratchet&Clank on top of it!

Atm were working on a EA release, which will be hopefully Happening at the end of the year on Steam (Store Page already bought). Atm weve an working local multiplayer prototype, but want convert it to a multipalyer experience with GameSparks. Additionally we`re creating the Environments and playable characters, the first one is attached below and still WIP.


Were a small team of 4. highly motivated developers. My part is creating the characters and implement them into unreal with some Fancy Animation systems. Additional weve one Tech-Artist, who is focussing on the UI/UX experience and one 3D Artist, who is responsible for the environment. Our last woman standing is focussing on concepting characters/mechs and taking care of the business part. We`re working on the game for around 1,5 months and have the oportunity to showcase our prototype during Gamescom in Germany, Cologne.

Current Stage Atm we`re working on an vertical slice and want to prototype multiple Gameplay Features to find out, in what direction the game will be developed. Atm most of the features are still “open”. We want to create an engaging experience with mechs and crazy Looking animals, so we Need to find out what Ggmeplay will work .
Expected Revenue and Risks

We`re going for an EA release at the end of the year for free and planning to create a microtransaction-systems for Skins and animal avatars. Additionally we want to offer an premium DLC, which will unlock every Skin for like forever.

Our income heavily depends on our microtransaction system, so we need to create until december a engaging experience, which is one of our challenges. Building a community and creating stunning/sympatic animals and mechs is another challenge we Need to tackle!

Talent Required We`re in need of multiple developers:

  • Prototype Developer, who is able to prototype fun and engaging new Features … mainly he is responsible of the weapon-systems and trap-Systems!
  • Gamesparks Developer, who is responsible for creating the matchmaking/Arena Rating system and later on microtransaction-system for our InGame Shop (Skins and animal avatars).
  • Developer, who is responsible for creating modular, stable Systems out of our approved Gameplay Abilities!!



Website (just FB atm, but we`re working on a web presence atm)

Contact discord: Traumwolf#2004 [size=13]email: [EMAIL=“”]

[size=18]Discord Group[/size][/size]

[size=13]P.S: We`re currently working on a little gameplay Video, which be hopefully available in a few days![/size]