Stylized Low Poly Environment

Its been released!

A simple, faceted, low poly environment for all your mobile or PC game needs. Includes over 90 meshes that use several master materials that utilize colour nodes to keep down on texture memory. Variations of each mesh exist for a green summer, colourful fall, and ripe winter as well as an included unique environment for deserts and tropical islands. All materials utilize the colour variation to allow for a wider variety of colours displayed, all tweak-able in the material instance. Included are six sample environments:

**• Alpine Forest
• Desert
• Forest
• Winter
• Plains
• Tropical Island **

Price: $9.99


Hey @Shirk,

I love low poly environments like this. :smiley:
Just curious are there plans to do more low poly packs like this?

I would buy them in a heartbeat.

Also check your PM :slight_smile:

That is some awesome, beautiful work. :smiley:
If you could make the canyons reddish that could look more interesting (IMO). :slight_smile:

I definitely do plan on making more in this style, so keep an eye out!

Only 3 maps show up in my editor 4.10, and 4.11.

There have been problems with UE4 recognizing the maps, Im not sure why. You can try finding the missing maps in your vault content by navigating to where you installed the engine to, and copying over the maps to your project.

I think I’m in love with this. Great job man.