Stylized Environment

Hello everyone!

After a long summer break, I wanted to get back into the 3D world and create something I could add to my portfolio. Therefore I figured the best way to get started again is with a self-made challenge!

“Stylized environment challenge”

  • 21 days
  • Include Nature
  • Animation
  • Playable

After setting up the challenge, I started looking up inspiration and found this perfect image:

(Not sure who made it, but all credit to this awesome artist for this amazing work)


  • Idea: 1. Sept.
  • Start date: 2. Sept.
  • End date: 30. Sept.

Due to some days being interrupted, the total count of production is 21 days!

Feel free to join me on this challenge, and find something that inspires you as well. Let’s create something together!


For the first few days I had to take a closer look at the reference and figure out the shapes and lighting to get the right proportions. I also came across my first challenge; the format of the reference will not be the same as the final format in unreal.

Blockout and lighting
I ended up doing 3 blockout passes, as well as some few different camera angles with color and light tests.

So now that the blockout and placement is all done, I can move onto asset making.
Hope you like it, all feedback are welcome! :smiling_face: