Stylized Diner Scene

I was inspired by Telltale Games’ The Wolf Among Us and wanted to see if I could produce a scene similar in style using Unreal Engine.

The post-process was actually pretty easy for me to work out… well, I already had the edge detection part from what I made way back in 4.0.

So, here’s were it is now. I’ve just got to add a few more models to flesh out the story of the scene a little more then I bang out textures and finalize the lighting.

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ohhhh…Awesomesauce…Just scenes for now or are you working on a game in this style?..either way still awesomesauce…

Looks amazing!

looks really really good

This looks really nice, would you mind shedding some light on how you achieved these results, I assume part custom material, part post process?

Superb work ! As soon as the pictures popped up, I immediately thought of Telltale’s ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘The Wolf Among Us’. I can’t wait to see this implemented into one of your projects. Keep up the great work and have a great day!

It must be awesome to walk through!

A bit of texturing, I think I might use this on a game project I’ve been working on with my good friend. I may keep it cleaner than this implementation here.

Hello, looks great.
How have you achieved comic look? postprocess? textures? or mix?

This looks awesome. Can you shed some light on your process?