Stylized Character + Effects

Hello! I’m looking to get a character made based on a simple concept.

The offer is $250 USD for completion. This is a personal project and this is all I have to offer. I understand this job is worth more, but I decided to see if anyone was interested anyway.

This is the simple concept

it will be going in an environment like this:

Here is a pintrest link that will give you a better idea of what i’m looking for

The base texture and the VFX will be stylized in sort of a “hand painted” look. This pack on the marketplace is a close reference to the base texture.

VFX style references:

I understand that this will require some VFX and I’m Looking for the complete package. Textures, Niagara effects.

Please PM me here or email me at [EMAIL=“”] For a quicker response, you can add me on Discord : Demeese#5931
I’m sure this character will require some discussion.