Stuttering viewport when navigating level

I’m currently working on a small project with landscapes and everything was all good and running at 40-60fps or higher on a GeForce GTX Titan Black GPU with no problems. That was last week on friday.
Today when I picked the project back up, I experienced very noticable stuttering/jittering when navigating the viewport using the WASD keys and mouse.
Even though the framerate never dips below 30, there is very noticable jittering when flying around the level. Especially when flying forward and panning the camera with the mouse.
The StatUnitGraph does show the stuttering clearly but I can’t understand what happened since last friday since I haven’t touched the project since
Even stranger, the jittering does seem to go away when piloting a camera actor and running the game in editor but not when using the editor normally and navigating without a camera actor. Have anyone experienced this who can share their knowledge?
Thanks in advance for any help :slight_smile:

I am having a similar issue! did you had d3d error gpu crashed or device removed error?