Stuttering Movement along Spline

Hi there!

Im currently creating a small game
with trains, which are moved along
SplineComponents via Blueprint.

  • Each Train consists of axes which are
    positioned on the Spline and moved
    all at once, the rest of the train is
    placed in the middle of the axes. No
    problem so far.

  • But my problem ist, that the movement
    of the train, or more precisely the
    movement of the axes, is stuttering
    back and forth especially at higher
    speeds. So when my Character stands
    on the train you can look down and
    see the wagon stutter on the edges.

Here is a video:

There is so multiplayer/server stuff.

Maybe someone has experienced a simillar problem. I really don’t know what causes this weird issue.
Is it a Blueprint problem and would copying the behavior into C++ Code solve the issue?
Or does it have to do with how I attach the components? (Axes are attached to Wagons, but the Wagon itself is positioned “between the axes” every frame)
If you wish I can add any further Infos/Blueprints, because I dont know which BPs might lead to the problem.

Thanks for any ideas or solutions!

I think I have found a decent solution.

In your SplineComponent (either Blueprint or C++, I have transfered my project to C++)
you have to set:


of the Spline to a higher value ( e.g. 50), that seems to increase precision when calculating the movement!

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Hey, have you found a solution for this? I’m facing a similar problem and changing the ReparamStepsPerSegment is not fixing it.

It worked perfectly on my splines setup! Thanks!