Stuttering Camera on Rotation

This is pretty much my first try with Unreal, so I might be asking noobish questions, but bear with me :smiley:
I have a standard character blueprint that has a spring arm and a camera attached to the default stuff in it. I’m trying to make it rotate by pressing the middle mouse and moving the mouse left or right, but I’m failing horribly.

This is the relevant part of my setup:

And this is what it does:

Whenever I try to rotate the camera, the view starts to jerk around pretty badly, but the camera itself doesn’t seem to move, according to the coordinates that are printed out. The numbers seem to be off as well, I’m pretty sure it’s saying 13° when it should say 90° for example.
After some time I realized that the problem is that the two nodes that control rotation collide. One of them is controlling the angle of the spring arm when zooming in/out and needs to be smoothed, the other turns the actor itself (I don’t think that needs any smoothing).
Can I get some tips on how I can get these two to coexist? Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m a little confused as to what the smoothing area is about but I achieved the effect you were looking for (I think) with just the top part you posted.
**EDIT:**I figured the smoothing you were attempting was to smooth the rotation of the camera? If so you can just enable camera lag with a low rotation lag value of 4.0 or something. This is found under the spring arm component.

Wow, thanks. I knew I was missing something obvious.

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