Stuttering 4.11

We have packaged and shipped using 4.11 p3 a project.
We however have several reports of intermittent stuttering on AMD cpu’s + AMD card.
We dont have stuttering on Intel cpu + AMD card, they are different cards however.

Is there any known issue with either amd cpu’s or amd video cards used with their cpu’s?

Is the one that is stuttering using an R9380?

Hello Gibbz -

There have been known issues with the newer Crimson Drivers that AMD came out with that would cause the engine to crash and in general bad performance. Try on a machine with a 15.11 driver (last Catalyst Driver) if the newest Crimson Driver (15.13) does not correct the issue.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

I think this goes beyond just an AMD issue. I’m getting lots of reports of game stuttering from users with i7s and gtx 980s. No stuttering reports on 4.10.

On a very curios and completely off-topic sidenote: you do not, by any chance, have a brother named Ash, do you?