Stuterring when I turn on police lights

I was making a bluepritn script where I animate lights visibility , color and also emission component on dynamic materials. And I noticed that tehre is quite a bit of stuttering, when it’s running, and none when it’s off

I’m still learning blueprints, so I’m sure there is a way to do this more efficiently

i’m using one timeline oid , where i have 6 tracks, that are loading curve files per each track,
I then use - and this could be the main issue I imagine - different material ID’s for each light group, consiting of some 8 variables for each of the dynamic material ( L1,L2,L3, R1,R2,R3,PL1, PL2) , and to make this even more heavy! I also made a spot lights and also rect lights ( maybe I should ditch the rect lights and swap them for spots?)

it’s way too early , just testing stuff out so I’m fully aware that this might be a wrong way of looking at it, but if you have some tips of how to make this in efficient way

in this video the stutter happens each time the timeline has finished and it starts again

here is video showing the stutter, fps isn’t great to begin with around 50fps, and it drops to some 47-48, so I will probably have to rethink how I do this anyhow