Stupid Question

I guess my post didn’t go through the first time I pressed Submit. My profile shows no recent activity and I don’t see it anywhere. So if a double post from me shows up, I apologize about that.

I am wondering how you change the install location in the launcher. My launcher is installed on my HDD, my E: Drive. But it keeps trying to install the Engine on my SSD, my C: Drive. There just isn’t enough room on my SSD, and I can’t find install location settings anywhere.

-And then I actually read the ‘Will not be posted until approved by a moderator’ message.

I don’t need this answered anymore. Or I guess it would be nice to have it answered, if there is a way to change install locations. But, it seems the launcher corrected itself. I just removed the install it was attempting, hit install again, and there it went, installing the engine on my HDD, not my SSD.

Hey, Alfhedil1!

First posts from new users are moderated to block spammers and moderators have to manually approve messages. Usually it takes some time - vary from a couple of minutes to hours(Things are slow on weekends :slight_smile: )

As for your question - at the moment there is no “native” way to do so, but there is a handy hackhow to move UE4 to another drive after installation.