Stupid Bouncing animation?

Hi everyone :smiley:
Just a stupid question: image a box. a cube if you want.
If i want that the cube move with a bouncing animation, how i have to do that?
I mean, i think that i don’t need a skeleton for a cube xD I just want to do a stupid animation.
Some suggestions?

If you want to avoid using a Skeleton then all you need is an Lerp (Linear Interpolate), Translation, and Scaling in the Z direction to achieve a simple bounce.

Basically you would take how long you want your bounce to be, say it takes 1 second. Then using a loop you apply a lerp function and set the scale and another lerp to set the height of the cube say ever 0.25 seconds. Your cube would essentially squish, stretch, then go back to normal in that time-frame creating an animation. This is the same way you’d do it with a Skeletal Mesh, but without the skeletal mesh and done via code.