Stumped on Character Blueprint!

Ugh. I’m stuck on a really basic blueprint issue. I’m creating a pawn derived from the basic character class, but it doesn’t seem to be responding to a certain event. Everything else is working, but the rotation I’m trying to do isn’t happening when the event fires. Below is an image of my blueprint. For what it’s worth, this character blueprint is intended for the Oculus Rift, but I don’t think that is related to this issue. I’ve put print statements in to help debug, and they are definitely getting triggered, but the rotation isn’t being applied! Any thoughts?

for the record, capsule rotation does not necessary affect camera or spring arm rotation.
You have to check the rotation of your components all the way to up camera to make sure they are all in relative mode and your capsule is root.
In fact, it’s actually better to rotate the character than to just rotate the capsule.

There must be something else in my scene that is causing the problem. I started with the most basic character blueprint, and I’m still seeing the issue. Any ideas as to what might be affecting my character blueprint outside of the character itself?

I tried applying the rotation to the capsule, the camera, and the character (although, when I tried to apply it to the character, it converted to the capsule when I made the connection). Nothing worked.

did you have the UseControllerViewRotation on?