Stumped - cannot package. Incorrect Mobile provision


I am a bit stumped. I have successfully packaged IOS games on numerous occasions but it no longer works and im wondering if its a newly introduced bug with 4.7.3 or if its user error again.

Apple Mobile provision is

Log files when packaging states
Searching for mobile provisions that match the game ‘ShoppingDay’ with CFBundleIdentifier=‘

ok. So those are identical. My mobile provision is available and configured.
It then states this in the logs

MainFrameActions: Packaging (iOS): IPhonePackager: Phase 0 considering provision ‘Distro_shoppingday.mobileprovision’ named ‘shoppingday’
MainFrameActions: Packaging (iOS): IPhonePackager: … Failed phase 0 name check (provision app ID was

ok. So this is where i am starting to get stumped. They all match up.
And this is what stumps me even more.

Could not find file ‘D:\Unreal Projects\ShoppingDay\Saved\StagedBuilds\IOS\embedded.mobileprovision’.
But i manually placed the same provision profile there, and even renamed it… hoping it would see it.

But it looks like UE4 is currently just ignoring everything.

What else can i try? The game needs to uploaded today. In fact 4 games needs to be uploaded to the app store as all testing was successful.

What happens if you modify the id to: com.Crocopede.ShoppingDay

What is M7BUG7TNMT is that standard these days?

That is a prefix automatically added inside of the apple developer center. So inside apple dev center it displays this.

And to answer your question as to what happens if i modify the project settings to com.crocopede.shoppingday

Well my friend… then it works.

When i started at 5am it did not contain the prefix, i manually added it after the build failed.
I also just now deleted all my apple certs in the dev center, mobile provisions and also all my app id’s and recreated them. slowly. very slowly. And then it still failed. Until i just did what you suggested.


Glad it worked man