Stuff that shouldnt be replicating

In my game mode I destroy actor and spawn a new one then hand possession to the playercontroller. on the spawned actor I call an event for it. the event fires to macros which is a start up animation. in the macro there is a sound that plays and it is playing on all remote machines every time a player respawns. why is this happening. the event is not replicated. so since gamemode is only on server the event should only happen on server but it happens on all. I am passing thru the spawned actor as the target for the event call. did not expect this especially since the sound at 2d says client only.

So you spawn a new actor and it plays some sound, and it seems like you don’t have any check to see whether it client or server. You can either make event that plays sound an rpc for server or put an authority check.
Why do you want your sound to be played on a server only?