Study Assistance?

After using the Unreal Engine for a couple of months I have really started to take an interest into level design and the construction of scenes. Soon I will be breaking up from College so I will be able to focus my time on what I want to learn rather than what I need to do for my assignments (I study Games Development).

I am trying to create a plan of different areas I want/need to learn and the video below is something I would like to be able to achieve. So I want to make a list of things to learn and create some form of an order to learn them in for example lighting, the landscape tools, cameras, rendering etc. (Please note I am still fairly new to the engine and have no previous knowledge on using any engines what so ever) I also understand the handbook (+ youtube videos) are the “go to place” for learning but if anybody else has any useful links for any category they feel will help me please feel free to share the resource/s with me.

To summarise I would like to create an ordered list to focus my study on in order to be able to create scenes comfortably and I would also appreciate any resources people have found valuable, thank you.


Also I see a lot of people making environments with free assets etc but I can’t seem to find a video of anybody creating an environment with commentary only quick speed runs? I feel it’d be super helpful if somebody was to make one :slight_smile:

I was thinking of making some tutorials yesterday, but I’m certainly no expert, I just started working on a few environments this week. But you are right to say that there are a lot of speed runs. I have a current simple scene that I might make a tutorial for, if I do, you should be able to find it on YouTube. For free assets, just go to turbosquid , I have found some great 3D models on there.

Some good resources:

Do you just want to do level design or also 3d art? :slight_smile: