Studio Amaranth looking for Generalist for Digital Card Game

Project Title:
Battlefield Evolution (Working Title)

Daly City, CA
Relocation not required


Seeking knowledgable generalist to build working prototype of card-battle game. No Art Asset Creation requried.
Scripting & Blueprinting knowledge or willingness to learn
All work required is in UE4

Upon completion of working demo, will proceed to crowdfunding, payment, and team expansion.

Game has been in design and planning since late 2009
The base game will include 2 game modes, one simply a stripped version that has a shorter average playtime than the other.

Main mode is Conquest:
Players start with 50 card decks, 5 defensive 'Fort" cards, a Commander, and a World
Players collect supply each turn in order to play cards using it as a cost.
Players take turns using the cards in their hand and on their field to prepare moves against one another

Second mode is Skirmish:
Same as Conquest except
Supply per turn is increased
Fort, Commander, and World cards lose their effects


Top-Down View
Menus and HUDs
Card Collection
Card Packs
Testing Arena (Where you can play against yourself or another testing player)

Stretch Goal Features:
Customisable UI and other bits similar to DOTA 2
AI Card Battles

Team Name:
Studio Amaranth

Team Structure:
David Cook (Team Manager, Project Creator, Card Designer)

Toria Laughlin (Artist)

Previous Work:
N/A - first title.

Talent Required:
Gameplay Designer

Ability to create/Learn to create User Interfaces in Unreal engine 4
Experience with UE4 toolset a bonus.
Scripting for Randomness(deck draws)
Blueprinting for game mechanics


Information regarding game rules and progress of card design availiable upon request.