Students working for a company and cross-overs between student and commercial licenses

Hi All,

I am a graduate and head of a startup studio initially working with students to get them XP in the industry with the hope that they will either stay and work with us or be able to go out and find a job just that bit easier. As a company we are still in the process of setting up and will be applying for our Unreal licences once we have progressed though the Prince’s Trust startup scheme in the UK.

Most of the team will be getting the education licence for their studies however many are wondering if any work they do at home on their edition of Unreal 4 could be brought into our offices and used on our computers which will be running the commercial version or will the policy be similar to Autodesk’s where content created in student editions cannot be used fully in commercial editions?

Of course for the most part we would prefer them to be working in the office regardless however should they choose to do work in their own time I want to make sure it can be used.

Hi La Kias,

Student licenses grant access to the exact same engine versions as paid subscribers. There is no “student edition” of the tools.


Hi Stephen,

thanks for clarifying. I just wanted to be 100% sure.